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What to Consider When Searching for a Venue?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Whenever we’ve got a special occasion coming up – be it a wedding, a milestone birthday, a work Christmas party or just an overdue get-together with old friends we haven’t seen in a long time – the right venue can be all the difference between a perfect night and one that could’ve been better.

Whatever event you’re organising, if it’s worth celebrating then it’s worth finding the ideal venue to make the occasion as memorable as possible. At Slate Restaurant Bar, we pride ourselves on ticking every box when it comes to venue requirements for an event.

Things to consider when choosing a venue


Ideally situated on Goldsbrough Lane in the heart of Melbourne CBD, our multi-storey restaurant bar is right amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, while being just tucked away enough to provide an intimate atmosphere to blow off steam with friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Ambience and setting

If you’re looking to arrange a classy cocktail soiree, Slate Restaurant Bar has a variety of spaces ideally suited for such an occasion. As for the cocktails, you can rest assured our highly experienced bartenders will exceed your expectations for all your favourite beverages.

For a bigger event like a wedding reception or 21st birthday party, for example, Slate Restaurant Bar offers a range of settings for guests to comfortably mingle and enjoy the evening with easy access to the bar and no shortage of finger foods to choose from.

Our iconic weatherproof rooftop bar is the perfect spot to take in Melbourne’s surrounding skyline while celebrating your milestone; rain, hail or shine.

Number of guests

Slate Restaurant Bar offers spaces with the following capacities, to cater for every type of event:

  • Front Terrace (Maximum 50 people standing)

  • Loft Room (Maximum 100 standing, or 80 sitting)

  • Sky Room (Maximum 70 people standing or 50 sitting)

  • Pallet Room (Maximum 35 people standing or 22 sitting)

  • The Rooftop (Maximum 90 people standing or 50 sitting)

  • Entire Upper Level (Maximum 160 people standing or 120 sitting)

  • Entire Space (Maximum 400 people standing or 200 sitting)

Food and drink

If your event calls for a proper sit-down meal – perhaps for a work function or brunch with the extended family – our diverse menu includes a lunch/dinner menu, event packages for large groups and special events, as well as a basic bar menu for more casual dining.

Just about the only thing all our menus have in common is that our resident Head Chef takes immense pride in delivering function food that not only satisfies the appetite but will leave you wanting to savour it long after the function has finished. Our canape menu includes both hot and cold choices with a definitive flare for originality, and our set menu encompasses everything that our a-la-carte menu does and more.

Book Slate Restaurant Bar for your next event in Melbourne

To ensure your upcoming event runs smoothly and seamlessly, with mouth-watering food and drinks in a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make your guests feel right at home, don’t hesitate to book Slate Restaurant Bar today. To speak with a friendly and professional member of our team for more information, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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