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Venues for intimate gatherings can be difficult to come by. When the space is too large, intimacy suffers. When it’s too crowded, the mood is less laid-back and tenser. The sweet spot, where gatherings stay united, relaxed, and merry is what we sought to create in the Slate Pallet Room - and we succeeded.

Pallet-lined walls give off an earthy atmosphere, promoting a sense of warmth, groundedness and cosiness. The mood is right for a wide variety of occasions, from casual summertime drinks with a group of friends to corporate team building that stimulates breakthroughs in business.

Decorated with a fusion of Melbourne’s distinctive quirkiness, merging with European sophistication, Slate’s creators have drawn upon their extensive experience in the hospitality industry to deliver a secluded gem, right in the centre of the CBD.

Once inside, guests can comfortably sit, stand, and more around the space, nibbling on canapes and sipping spirits. The fine food and drinks stimulate the senses and promote new connections - both between people and synapses in the brain.

Immerse yourself in our party venue for 20 guests

Slate Restaurant and Bar isn’t just a destination in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district. It’s a collection of carefully crafted venues that facilitate better bonding with groups of all kinds, from large-scale parties to small circles looking for a shared place to talk, drink, and laugh.

The Pallet Room provides this space, comfortably catering to a wide range of contexts and occasions. Uni groups, meetups, and team lunches take place in a stylishly crafted environment.

Ideas and laughter are catalysed within this setting, which is as suited to brainstorming as it is to bonding. With all possibilities open to you, it’s well worth exploring this original interior, central to all yet tucked away from the bustle of city living. 

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No minimum spend venue hire

Slate is proud to bring people together for all occasions. Wedding receptions, 50ths and celebrations of all kinds have been held in the Pallet Room - without the pressure of minimum spends adding tension to the atmosphere.

90% of all bookings within our restaurant and bar have been conducted without room hire fees, either. Why do we take this approach?

Because, as purveyors of quality European hospitality, we seek to remove barriers that could mar the memories of your occasion, creating the ideal foundation for experiences that are fondly remembered for years on end.

Rather than putting pressure on your party, we prefer to work out custom packages for our small function room hire beforehand to keep things running smoothly. This ensures that both your party and our staff are organised on the night, keeping a steady stream of well-timed food and drinks flowing to your private room.

Like the sound of that? Give our friendly staff a call and let them know about your function. From there, a tailored package designed especially for the day can be created; with experience at the core of our considerations.

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