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EOFY Party Venues & Ideas for Corporates

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

EOFY is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start planning your corporate party! This can be a daunting task, but don't worry – with the right venue, location, food and drinks, you can be confident in the fact that yours is an EOFY party your colleagues will remember for years to come.

One of the first things you need to decide when planning your EOFY party is what type of party you want to throw. This will help you determine what kind of venue to book for your EOFY party in Melbourne. There are three main types of EOFY parties:

  • The formal dinner party: This is a more traditional type of EOFY party, and it is usually held at a nice restaurant or hotel. If you go for this option, make sure to book your venue well in advance!

  • The cocktail party: This is more relaxed, and usually held at a bar or nightclub. This is a great option if you want your employees to let their hair down and have some fun!

  • The team-building event: This is perfect for promoting teamwork and bonding within your company. You could go for a fun activity like paintballing or go-karting, or you could do something more relaxed like a wine tasting or cooking class.

Other things to consider when choosing an EOFY party in Melbourne:

  • The guest list: How many people are you inviting? Is it just your department, or the entire company? What about important clients or potential partnerships? Are colleagues allowed to bring their +1’s? Remember, you can’t book an appropriate venue until you know how many guests to cater for.

  • The date and time: Some venues are better suited to luncheons, while others are better equipped for after-work drinks and bar snacks. The time of day and day of the week should influence what type of venue you book for your EOFY party to go smoothly and seamlessly!

  • Location: Your guests need to be able to get there, and preferably with the freedom to choose whether they’ll drive home or indulge in a few cocktails and get home via public transport or rideshare. What if people want to kick on afterwards? Are there other bars nearby that guests can get to with ease? Choose your venue with convenience, accessibility and centrality in mind – the CBD is a good choice for EOFY party venues in Melbourne.

Book Slate Restaurant Bar for your upcoming EOFY party in Melbourne

With all the above factors in mind, what better venue to host your company’s EOFY party this year, than Slate? Ideally located in Goldsbrough Lane, Slate places your event right in the heart of the city while still being tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

From formal lunch to laidback cocktail party, Slate’s eclectic variety of event spaces provides the flexibility to create multiple breakout spaces, and tailor the space to your party’s needs and preferences.

The lively space effortlessly morphs from daytime lunch venue into an enticing atmosphere once the sun goes down. With a wide range of options at the bar and separate menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and casual bar bites and event packages for large groups or special events; Slate’s got you covered for food and drinks.

And finally, Slate offers several balconies and a rooftop terrace, all of which can be fully covered and heated. This means you can celebrate the end of the financial year outdoors in winter, without having your guests shivering or getting wet.

For all your future EOFY parties, look no further than Slate Restaurant Bar. Book online now.


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